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  • Personal Vaastu Consultancy By Email
Personal Vaastu Consultancy By Email
Personal Vaastu Consultancy By Email
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Technology these days is a big privilege. At the comfort of our place we can do good communication of our thoughts and issues.

You can avail the Vaastu services by email which is personally given by Ajatt Oberoi. Whether it is Nagaland or United states of America, people who want to take Vaastu consultation can send their layouts for a deeper analysis to Ajatt Oberoi’s Astrology Centre

Following required details are to be shared for the analysis:

  1. Layout of house/office/shop
  2. Your personal nature (100 words that describes you.) if it is a business then your nature of business
  3. Your liking of colors.
  4. About your Relations and family or business associates.
  5. Health issues or any other issues.
  6. Achievements

Report for Email Vaastu Includes:

  1. Mentioning of Defects in layout
  2. There possible effects
  3. Remedies without any demolition
  4. Locations of your furniture and other important things.
  5. Color themes according to the profession or nature of business.
  6. Energy analysis of the house stating the location of negative and positive energies. (This is done from the intuitive nature of Ajatt Oberoi)
  7. Ten special Vaastu tips
  8. Tailor made solutions for the problems

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