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Any Disease Report
Any Disease Report
Any Disease Report
Any Disease Report
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Medical Astrology is one Branch of Astrology wherein the health and diseases of any person could be analysed by a Medical Astrologer. With the help of Medical Chart, the location and the tendency towards weakness in a particular part of body is known even before the disease manifest as a serious illness.

To determine whether a planet or sign rules a particular disease or part of the body is to assume that the signs of the zodiac refer to the anatomical locations in the body, i.e. Aries is the head, Pisces is the feet and the planets refer to physiological action. Mars in Cancer thus increases stomach acid, whereas Saturn in Cancer indicates a decrease of acid in the stomach.

The planets determine action or reaction to disease according to the nature of the planet and its inter-aspects. The site of the disease is determined by quadruplicity. An affliction in Aries can indicate a medical problem in a Libra rules organ or tissue and vice versa. An affliction in any one or more signs of a quadruplicity can indicate a medical problem in any one of the four signs of the quadruplicity. Hence, an affliction in Taurus could manifest in a Taurus related organ or in an organ ruled by Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius. Each planetary body may be said to function in three different ways.

In an individual’s nativity, there may be too much of some particular planet’s energy, an insufficiency or a permutation. Each planet imparts a special type of disease to an organ, but becomes modified, changed or disguised by reception of cross aspects from other planets.

From the combination of planet, sign, aspect and house we may infer structural and functional disorder. Problems relating to the Brain, Headache, Anger, Depression, Sleep, Emotional imbalances are caused by the bad placement of the Moon in one’s birth chart or by an unfavorable transit aspecting one’s Moon at birth.

Skin Problems, Sexual problems, low sperm count in men or lack of sexual drive in men are caused by the bad placement of the Venus in one’s birth chart or by an unfavorable transit aspecting one’s Venus at birth.

Obesity, lack of sexual drive in women, reproduction problems in women is caused by the planet Jupiter being placed in one's Ascendant or aspecting one’s ascendant at birth or in the Dasha (Time) period of planet Jupiter, along with a badly placed or aspected Mars.

Spiritually speaking, the Karma plays a very important role in the state of ones health.

Karma is nothing but different projections created by the unconscious mind based on one's thought patterns and can be negative/positive based upon the state of consciousness one is at. These projections are carried along in the next life and one is born to parents whose karmic records complement the soul taking the physical body through that parents.

These Karmic records can only be erased by the grace of a Guru [a spiritually high person] or a person who has reached a very high state of consciousness or by prayers and mind control.

On the other hand if one does not know how to have mind control or does not have good karma to find such a Guru one can take the help of Medical Astrology to control and eradicate one's physical problems.

At the Ajatt Oberoi’s Astrology centre, we use a combination of chart analysis and predictive techniques, to determine whether or not a medical condition is chronic or acute.  

We observe the progress of the disease, as well as its severity through various predictive methods.  Severity of disease is based on the transits, progressions, solar arc directions, eclipses and lunations affecting the natal chart at the time of particular illness.

We resolve all the medical problems through the astrological remedies Like Stone Therapy, Mantra Therapy, Colour Therapy and Donate Therapy.

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